Property Data Page

Assessment data can be found on our new GIS page.  Please follow the steps listed below to access this information. 

  1. Use "Search Address" or "Search Tax Key" to find the specific parcel.
  2. Once the map zooms to that parcel, click on "Identify" in the toolbar to turn on this tool.
  3. Click on the highlighted parcel on the map.
  4. The left panel display will include an "Assessment Data" section - click on this (for larger developments scroll down).
  5. Under each 'Detail' heading you can click on the lines to see more information.
  6. When you want to go back to see more data of the same parcel, click on the X to the right of the header label for the details you are looking at.
  7. Click on the next area for more information.
  8. To return to the first property information page click on the arrow to the left of the Assessment Data header.
  9. To start a new search start at step 1.

If you are cannot find the assessment information you need, please contact the City Assessor's office at 262-691-6010.  
Thank you.