Well #1 Radium Treatment

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Update on Well #1 Pilot Study
September 20, 2016

The City of Pewaukee Water & Sewer Utility completed the treatment pilot study for Well #1 radium removal plant on July 29, 2016. Currently, we are waiting for the laboratory to complete the analysis of all of the samples that were collected.

Our next step is compiling a summary report to be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources. They will review the document and evaluate the viability of the Hydrous Manganese Oxide (HMO) treatment system for removal of radium in our application. We anticipate that the report will be submitted to the DNR by the middle of November.

Our anticipated schedule is as follows:

November 2016: Submit pilot test report to the DNR.

February 2017: DNR acceptance of the pilot report.

March 2017: Submit construction authorization to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

April 2017: Submit treatment plans and specifications to the DNR.

July 2017: Receive construction authorization from Public Service Commission and DNR.

August 2017: Public bidding

October 2017: Start Construction

Fall 2018: Complete construction