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Park and Recreation

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1. What time is the beach open?
2. Does the beach water get tested on a regular basis?
3. I noticed a down tree at a local park OR a tree fell onto my property from the local park, what should I do?
4. I am looking for a part-time job with the park/recreation department, how do I apply?
5. What time are the parks open?
6. How do I rent a park in the Pewaukee Park System?
7. I noticed vandalism at a local park, who should I report it to?
8. When do Joint Park and Recreation Meetings usually take place?
9. Do I need to send in payment if I am on a waitlist?
10. When are your program guides mailed?
11. How do I apply for the Round Up program?
12. My child lost an item at one of your programs, do you have a lost and found?
13. Can an exception be made for making the class bigger or allowing an age inappropriate child into the class?
14. I did not receive a program guide, where can I find them?
15. Why are some programs canceled?
16. My child has to miss a class, do you prorate?
17. What is your refund policy?
18. Can I get a credit for a program if I cancel rather than a refund minus the refund service fee?
19. How will I know if I got into a program I registered for if I mail in my registration?
20. How do I know if a program requires me to list my t-shirt size on the registration form?
21. How do you decide what programs to offer?