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Learn about the Administration Department. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Read through information about the Assessor's Office. Contact: 800.721.4157.

Building Services
Read about the Building Services Department. Contact: 262.691.9107.

Learn about the Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery. Contact: 262.691.0770.

City Clerk-Treasurer
Read about the City Clerk-Treasurer. Contact: 262.691.0770.

City Planner
Read about the City Planning Department. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Fire Department
Find out more about the Fire Department. Contact: 262.522.2500.

Look through the GIS maps of Pewaukee. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Health Department
Read about the County Health Department. Contact: 262.548.7212.

Human Resources
Find out about the Human Resources Department. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Information Technology
Find out about the City's Information Technology Department. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Visit the library's website and learn more. Contact: 262.691.5670.

Mayor's Office
Learn more about the Mayor. Contact: 262.691.0770.

Park & Recreation
Look up information about the Park and Recreation Department. Contact: 262.691.7275.

Pewaukee Lake Patrol
Learn more about Pewaukee Lake Patrol. Contact: 262.691.5678 ext. 239.

Police Services - Sheriff's Dept
Learn about the Police Department in Pewaukee. Contact: 262.691.0921.

Public Works
Find out information about the Public Works Department. Contact: 262.691.0804.