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Tank Fees
City of Pewaukee Tank Fees:
Storage Tank Installation/Relining:
 Plan reivew                                                                                                         $175.00
 2nd thru 10th system  $60.00 Each
 Component  $100.00 Each ($150.00max)
 Site inspection  $100.00 Each tank system or component
 Relining (includes inspection fee)  $150.00/Tank
 New construction/Converion to Self-service Key card Code  $135.00 Tank

Storage Tank Upgrade for leak, spill, corrosion and overfill protection:
 Plan review  $35.00/Tank
 Site inspection  $100.00/Tank
 Plan revision review  $100.00
 UST/AST removal inspection  $150.00/Tank

Village Tank Fees:
Please see the State Tank Form located at http://dsps.wi.gov/er/ER-BST-HomePage.html