Paul Road, Roundy's Business Park - 2021

Paul Road and Roundy's Business Park Assessment Letter

Paul Road and Roundy's Business Park Preliminary Engineer's Report

The Paul Road and Roundy's Business Park includes road rehabilitation on Paul Road, Roundy Circle East, Roundy Circle West, and Roundy Drive, along with a water main relay on Paul Road.  The existing pavement will be removed and replaced.  Minor storm sewer work and adjusting the intersection and island at Roundy Circle East & Roundy Drive will be completed as part of the project.

August 25, 2021

After yesterday's work, all properties with driveways between W233N2869 Roundy Circle West and W232N2950 Roundy Circle East may resume using their driveways and traveling toward Roundy Circle West. 

Today, the contractor plans to continue working eastward toward Roundy Circle East instead of jumping back to complete Roundy Circle West. The contractor anticipates continuing in this direction until Roundy Circle East is completed before jumping back to Roundy Circle West. This means that the Gustave A. Larson property may continue to use their entire driveway entrance to travel south to Roundy Circle West, and all other properties west should exit/enter via Roundy Circle West until further notice. 

Anticipated progress tomorrow includes excavating and backfilling Roundy Circle East from the westernmost driveway at W232N2950 Roundy Circle East where work stopped, around the corner and south to approximately near the northernmost driveway at W231N2837 Roundy Circle East. Properties with driveways between these two points should plan to access their buildings via alternate driveway entrances on Roundy Circle West or further south on Roundy Circle East as directed by the foreman, who has spoken with someone from each property in this stretch.