I have a non-911 emergency. What number do I call?

**For all Fire Ambulance & Police Emergencies Dial 9-1-1 For Non-Emergency Calls please select one of the following: Reporting Electrical Power Outage: WE Energies (800) 662-4797 Reporting Gas Leak: WE Energies (800) 261-5325 Reporting Water Issues: (262) 691-0804 Humane Animal Office - Waukesha County (262) 896-8300 - after hours please use the Waukesha County Dispatch number. Waukesha County Department of Health & Human Services: (262) 548-7225 Waukesha County Dispatch (non-emergency) (262) 446-5070 Fire Department (non-emergency): (262) 523-4615 Sheriff's Department (non-emergency): (262) 691-0921 Sheriff's Department Dispatch: (262) 473-4700

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