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Request Public Records

  1. The City of Pewaukee may charge for records requests.

    The City of Pewaukee charges the actual, necessary and direct costs for copies of records in accordance with Wis. Stat. §19.35 Access to records; fees.


    • Retrieval costs:  When the cost of locating a record or multiple records exceeds $50.00, the actual, necessary and direct cost of locating the record(s) will be charged (Wis. Stat. §19.35(3)).               
      • Requestors will not be charged for the cost of reviewing records for possible redaction or removal of confidential information.
      • The hourly rate charged is based upon the base salary and benefits of the lowest paid employee capable of locating the requested records.
    • Copying costs:  $.10 per page, plus sales tax, for the copying of customary and ordinary 8 ½” x 11” hard copy records.
      • No charge will occur for electronic copies of records that already exist in electronic format.
    • Mailing costs:  The actual, necessary and direct cost of mailing or shipping of copies of records shall be paid by the requestor. 
  2. Please let us know what records you are requesting.
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