Billing Cycle

Water & Sewer Utility Billing Cycle, effective 2013

Quarter 1

  • Usage from December 16 through March 15
  • Bills mailed by March 20
  • Payment due by April 10

Quarter 3

  • Usage from June 16 through September 15
  • Bills mailed by September 20
  • Payment due by October 10

Quarter 2

  • Usage from March 16 through June 15
  • Bills mailed by June 20
  • Payment due by July 10

Quarter 4

  • Usage from September 16 through December 15
  • Bills mailed by December 20
  • Payment due by January 10

Billing Information

Utility bills are issued quarterly for water and/or sewer service. Bills are due on the dates scheduled above. If payment is not received by the due date, a late payment charge of 1% per month will be added to the bill. Failure to receive a quarterly bill, or your absence from the City on the due date, will not serve as a claim to waive late payment charges.

All water and/or sewer account balances that are outstanding as of September 1 will be placed on your property tax bill with an additional 10% penalty. The outstanding portion of your account that is applied to the tax bill includes the third and fourth quarters of the previous year, and the first and second quarters of the current year, plus any interest. You have until October 31 of each year to pay your account in full to avoid the 10% penalty.


For your convenience, you may arrange to pay your utility bill via ACH transfer. This is a direct payment authorized by you from your checking or savings account to the City of Pewaukee Water & Sewer Utility on the due date each quarter.