Deer Management

June 2015
The Common Council discussed the deer removal program and aerial survey results at the June 15, 2015 Council meeting. Please click listen to the meeting audio.

February 2015
An aerial survey was completed. View the map.

 February 28, 2014
A total of 29 deer have been removed from the Rocky Point area. The contract is now complete and there will be no further deer removal in this area. At this time, there is no additional deer removal planned for the balance of 2014.

January 2014
Notice to Property Owners in the Rocky Point Road/Rocky Point Subdivision Area

As you may be aware, the City of Pewaukee has undertaken an urban deer management program to address the size of the deer herd in Pewaukee. As part of this program, the Common Council has authorized the use of sharpshooters to facilitate the reduction of the deer herd. The City has contracted with an experienced sharpshooting firm to perform this function. The sharpshooting program is under the supervision of Lieutenant Ripplinger and will occur only on the properties of those property owners who volunteered their property for this purpose. The City was also required to acquire the permission of any property with an occupied structure within 300 feet of a shooting platform.

The deer issue in the Rocky Point area was brought to the Common Council’s attention in May of 2013. At that time the Common Council committed $5,000 to be used toward culling the herd. Efforts were made to put in place the necessary procedures and plans for such a program. The City has adopted an Urban Deer Management Plan to address this issue as well as implemented a procedure for sharpshooting operations to insure the safety of all. In the fall of 2013 there was a request by several residents to hold on any hunting activities in 2013 and apply for a grant from the DNR that would match up to ½ of the funds that the City committed for deer removal, which award of the grant is still pending.

The City is moving forward with the plan to remove a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 28 deer in the Rocky Point area, based on receipt of the pending DNR grant; operations will begin in mid-to-late January. We anticipate that the removal process will be completed prior to the end of March 2014. The sharpshooting firm will work with the property owners to establish specific times for hunting during this process.

The Common Council has not included any funding in the 2014 Budget for any activities related to deer removal.

Should you have any questions regarding the procedures that will be followed you can contact Scott Klein at 262-691-0770.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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