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I Want To

  1. Change My Address
  2. Contact Us
  3. Pewaukee Utility Address Change

    Pewaukee Water & Sewer Address Change

  1. Contact City Hall

    Form to contact specific Departments in City Hall

  2. Make a Suggestion

    Place for employees to make suggestions for the wellness program.

  3. Report a Concern, Comment, or Complaint


  1. Baby Contest

    Guess who the baby is!

  2. Feedback

    Feedback form for The Loop

  1. Engagement Suggestion

    Anonymous suggestions for the Engagement Team


  1. Pewaukee Move In/Move Out Form for Utility Accounts

    Pewaukee Move In/Move Out Form for Utility Accounts

Waukesha Co Sheriff

  1. Business Check

    Request extra police presence at your business location.

  2. Speed Enforcement Request

    Request radar speed check.

  3. Vacation Premise Check

    Request checks on your home while you are on vacation

  1. Premise or Vacation Check Extra Patrol Request
  2. Speed Trailer Request

    Request for speed trailer