Applications, Licenses & Permits

Alcoholic Beverage & Tobacco Laws

Liquor & Beer Licenses

Liquor & Beer licenses are required by State Statutes, Chapter 125. The licenses are issued yearly from July 1 to June 30 unless revoked sooner.

Liquor & Beer License Fee Schedule - Call for availability

Class “A” Fermented Malt Beverage License (Store)$100
Class “B” Fermented Malt Beverage License (Tavern)$100
“Class A” Retailers (Store) Liquor License$500
“Class B” Retailers (Tavern) Liquor License$500
Class C Wine$100
Wholesale License$25
Publication Fee$30

Cigarette Licenses

Fee Schedule

Cigarette License$100

Amusement Device Licenses

Fee Schedule

Amusement device$10 per year for each coin operated machine

Hotel Licenses and Tax Return Form

Fee Schedule

Hotel license$25

Bartender Licenses

Bartender Licenses are issued annually and expire June 30 of each year unless revoked sooner.

Fee Schedule


Escort or Escort Service License

 Fee Schedule

Late renewal penalty$100

Adult-Oriented Establishment License

 Fee Schedule

License for Adult-Oriented Establishment$500 per year
Background Investigation Fee for Adult-Oriented Establishment$75 per year
Name Change Fee for Adult-Oriented Establishment$500 per year
License for Employees of Adult-Oriented Establishment$50 per year
Background Investigation Fee for Employee License$60 per year

Peddler, Canvasser, Solicitor, or Transient Merchant Licenses

Fee Schedule

Application / Investigation$10
Per day license$20
Per week license$100
Per month license$250
Per year license$1,000

Closing-Out Sale License

Fee Schedule

Less than 15 days$25
15 - 29 days$50
30 - 60 days$75

Special Event Permit

Fee Schedule

Event / LicenseFee
Class I event$300 per day
Class II event$150 per day
Electrical inspection$60 per inspection
EMS service (ambulance on site)$250 per hour
Fireworks permitNo charge, state and local permit required
BarricadesUp to 6 barricades $35; over 6 barricades $70
Garbage cans (55 gallon)$5 per garbage can
Park rental permitTo be determined by the Joint Park and Recreation Board
Pre-event safety inspection$75 per hour
Security Deposit$200 per day, additional if using a park facility
Peddler’s Permit$10 application fee - additional $20 per day charge or $100 per week
Temporary Bartender License$10
Temporary Class B (Picnic) Beer and Wine License$10
Tent Inspection$31.65 if under 2500 square feet, per tent, per inspection

Short-Term Rental License

Burning Permit 


  • No fee

Fire Works

In an effort to promote safety, reduce physical injuries and property damage, fireworks are illegal in the City of Pewaukee by city ordinance unless you meet certain criteria.

Kennel License

Dog Licenses

Expire each year on the 31st of December. All dogs five months old or older that live within the City of Pewaukee are required to be licensed before April 1 each year. Proof of rabies vaccination and alteration are required and must be presented.

Fee Schedule

Neutered or spayed$12
Not neutered or spayed$17
Late fee for all requests received on or after April 1$5

Building Permits

For building permits please visit the building services page.

Planning Commission and Development Applications

For Planning and Development Applications visit the City Planner page.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Variance Application Packet