2022 Assessment Year
Open Book April 13th through April 22, 2022. Please review property data at AssessorData (see instructions below) or call if you have additional questions.

Board of Review (BOR) May 18, 2022 at 10:00am. in the Common Council Chambers. For additional information about the BOR please see their web page on this site, or contact the BOR Clerk. 262-691-0770.

2021 Assessment Revaluation Year

Wisconsin law requires periodic revaluation to assure fair and equitable assessments.  The City of Pewaukee Assessment Department has conducted a revaluation for 2021 to determine the market value of all major classes of properties in the City of Pewaukee. 

2021 City of Pewaukee Property Assessment Data is online hereSpecific instructions below.

Property Tax data can be accessed through the  Waukesha County Treasurer’s Office

City of Pewaukee GIS Data (Geographical Information System) can be found here

To obtain property attributes (square foot, year built, lot size, etc...) simply enter Waukesha County and City of Pewaukee online here.

Assessor Data Screen 1
Enter Tax Key Number or Address in the format indicated. Make sure you place dashes where required (PWC-xxxx-xxx). If you don’t have the tax key or an exact address, or you want to search around, feel free to enter just the street name.  You will then be taken to your search results.

To see all available data for a property, click on View Full Report.

Assessor Data Screen 2

The mission of the Assessor's Office is to discover, list, and value all taxable property within the City of Pewaukee.  By providing accurate and uniform values, we ensure that the property tax burden is distributed in a fair and equitable manner.

To accomplish its mission, the Assessor's Office uses methods in accordance with the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual, which is available on this page, Wisconsin State Statutes, and professionally accepted appraisal practices. Other information that is available for assessors to consider includes the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and standards from the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

Wisconsin State Statute 70.32 states, "Real Property shall be valued by the Assessor in the manner specified in the Wisconsin property assessment manual provided under Section 73.03(2a) from actual view or from the best information that the Assessor can practicably obtain, at the full value which could ordinarily be obtained therefore at private sale".

Assessment Guides and Forms

Personal Property Forms

Statement of Personal Property - Fillable PDF - Excel

Property Tax Listing
The City of Pewaukee uses Waukesha County for Property Tax Listing. Please see the Waukesha County Tax Website regarding tax listing or tax bill information. For specific questions please contact the Real Property Tax Listing Division at (262)548-7597 or via email to  For questions regarding outstanding taxes and tax payment records, contact the County Treasurer's office at (262)548-7029. For all GIS related issues, please contact Waukesha County Land Information Systems at (262)896-8270 or via email to

Address & Ownership Changes
All property mailing address changes need to be completed on the Waukesha County Website. Any name change with regard to the ownership of property can only be accomplished with the Waukesha County Register of Deeds.

Waukesha County Screen